On March 16, 1967 all ten Minuteman I missiles of Echo Flight, assigned to Malmstrom AFB, MT were disabled during an incident where UFOs were observed by U.S. Air Force security and maintenance personnel who were on site at two launch facilities. On March 24, 1967 all ten Minuteman I missiles of Oscar Flight, assigned to  Malmstrom AFB, were disabled while on-site security guards observed a large UFO hover above the front gate to the Oscar Launch Control Facility. I was the Deputy Crew Commander on duty during the Oscar flight incident and Col. Frederick Meiwald was the Crew Commander.  Col. Walt Figel was the Deputy Crew Commander at Echo flight during that incident. The following are audio recordings of telephone conversations I had with these witnesses in 1996. These recordings are the initial contact I made with these men after I decided to go public with my story in 1994. Also, below is additional testimony in the form documents and statements of other witnesses to these events. In all they constitute evidence of the fact that within the span of eight days, in March of 1967, twenty Minuteman ICBM nuclear missiles were disabled while unidentified aerial objects hovered over the missile sites.

James Klotz   Walt Figel    Robert Salas Denver MUFON Conference 2007

James Klotz Walt Figel Robert Salas
Denver MUFON Conference 200




Conversation between Robert Salas and Walt Figel regarding Echo Flight shutdown: Walt Figel 96 (Converted)




Fred Meiwald.bmpConversation 1 between Robert Salas and Fred Miewald regarding Oscar Flight Shutdown: Meiwald96b (Converted)

Conversation 2 between Robert Salas and Fred Miewald: Meiwald2 (Converted)







I have written and signed an affidavit attesting to the events at Oscar Flight.

Captain Robert L. Salas

Salas Aff1SalasAff2




JamisonBrief Thumbnail

Robert Jamison, missile targeting officer at Malmstrom AFB testified publicly at the National Press Club about the fact that all of Oscar flight was disabled and UFOs were reported during this incident. Here is his affidavit.









Jamison Affidavit_Page_1Jamison Affidavit_Page_2Jamison Affidavit_Page_3

Eric Carlson, the Crew Commander at Echo Flight wrote to me after he spoke with Deputy Commander Walt Figel about the incident. They had no contact with each other after they left the Air Force until I informed Carlson about Figel’s contact information in 1996 soon after I spoke and recorded the conversation with Figel (above). Here are copies of those letters.




SAC Telex - Echo ShutdownBy this official, previously classified USAF telex announcing the Echo Flight shutdown under extraordinary circumstances, the Air Force announced this was a “…cause for great concern.”


Rumors of UFOIn an official document (341st SMW History), the USAF even admitted there were ‘rumors’ of UFOs in the vicinity of Echo Flight during the incident.




However, when we contacted David Gamble, the author of the unit history (above), he denied that he knew anything about disproving ‘rumors’ of UFOs.

David Gamble Letter0001_Page_1


Arneson - PCLt. Col. Arne Arneson was OIC of Communications Center, Malmstrom AFB in 1967 when he saw a Secret telex stating that UFOs were responsible for the shutdown of a flight of missiles. Here is his affidavit:


Mr. Robert Kaminski was the Boeing engineer who was assigned the task to form the Boeing technical investigation team that would evaluate the Echo shutdown incident and report back to the Air Force. We asked Mr. Kaminski to give us details of his investigation. He confirmed that the Echo incident was reported to his supervisor as being a UFO event.  He also confirmed that the Air Force did not want the engineering investigation team to complete its report. The reason for this was probably because the Condon investigation was on-going and the Air Force did not want those investigators to have knowledge of these events (see my article Back to Montana). Here is Mr. Kaminski’s statement:






As a result of their own internal investigation, the Air Force could not determine a definitive cause of the incidents, however they did comment in a previously classified report as to the probability of such occurrences:

Very Remote Shutdown

To date, the U.S. Air Force has never responded or made any statement to myself or the public about any of the evidence presented here.