Toward Zero Nukes

The International Agreement to Stop Nuclear Weapons Development in Iran

August 11, 2015

Even though there has been a concerted effort by the opposition to scuttle the Iran deal, I continue to be confident the deal will go forward after the U.S. Congressional vote (and subsequent veto). It is a shame on our political system that logic and reason do not seem to count as much as political expediency. Ultimately, however, this ‘deal’ will have such a profound impact on the future of nuclear weapons and their proliferation, that it will succeed out of pure necessity.

July 14, 2015

This was an historic and welcome day for the world. Today, peaceful negotiations among nations succeeded in putting a stop to the proliferation of nuclear weapons in a small but important region on this planet. It is the first time such extensive, intrusive inspections by the international community on nuclear technology have been agreed to by a sovereign nation. It is also historic on many other levels. It is the first time economic sanctions by a group of nations on another nation have resulted in the peaceful negotiations on the issue of nuclear weapons. It also gives unprecedented access to United Nations inspectors for insuring compliance. This alone will help to solidify the UN’s role in potential future agreements with other nations that would aspire to obtain nuclear weapons. Taken as a whole, this agreement establishes a precedent setting process by which we citizens of the world can hope to utilize in furthering the cause of complete nuclear disarmament world- wide.