At times, it seems like we are getting nowhere. In the U.S., we can’t seem to get rid of the two-party system when we all know there are many shades of of politics. And what has the two party- system gotten us? Gridlock. In the halls of Congress, everyone seems to have their own agenda and no one is talking to each other (at least not effectively). Yet, we ask for more. There is another national election coming in 2016 and the political bullshit has already started. But it is the same bullshit we have all heard many times before. And what choice will we voters really have? That’s right; either A or B. And we all become numb because there doesn’t seem to be anything we can do about it. Even if we choose A over B, there is no guarantee that we didn’t really get A after all. It’s an A minus or an A plus! Honestly, I am thinking about not voting at all. What if they called for a vote and no one came? Then, it would seem like we are getting somewhere.