Girl meditationIt is evident that humans, along with all other living species, evolve. One of the primary reasons for evolution is simply to try and insure survival. We humans have demonstrated a propensity to destroy ourselves and our habitat. So, it is natural that we would want to conceive of ways to improve our chances of survival. There are many indications that our innate desire to live in peace and harmony with other living things on our planet is resulting in finite actions toward those ends.

As with other living things, we recognize there is a communal and symbiotic nature to our existence. In other words, at some level we understand that we are part of the whole of humanity and what we do to and with other humans impacts the whole of humanity. We simply cannot lie, steal or kill other humans without consequence to the entirety of our human society. We understand that we must care for each other. We understand that we, ourselves have created the destructive forces that could result in our extinction. We also understand that we are fouling our planet habitat and threatening our existence. We understand that these have become impending, imperative threats that we, together, must solve if we are going to continue our evolution.

There are many signs that our consciousness is evolving. We are taking actions toward the objective of the abolition of nuclear weapons. We see definitive actions of people, worldwide over the principles of freedom and fairness. We see more nations forming unions and partnerships to work together. We see communications improving between individuals worldwide and their expressions of common objectives for humanity. We see our scientists working to help us understand what our world and future could be to improve our chances of survival. We have seen or heard of these things and I sense they are being more valued. The whole of human consciousness is evolving toward turning these understandings into unity of action.


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