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Do Unto OthersThis is for your thoughts and ideas on the subjects I have identified. You are invited to come from your truth and integrity. Please use the link Your Comments to post on this blog.

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  • Robert Salas says:

    This blog is intended for your comments on any subject discussed here. It is for an open discussion on the main topics of this site, not for other, unrelated topics. Please honor the intent and purpose for these discussions. Please do not use this blog for commercial advertising your product, service or event without my explicit permission. Thank you. I want to hear what you have to say.

  • Doug Lobaugh says:

    I just read Joan Birds book. Thank you for participating.
    When I retired from a previous job in Livingston (MT) I took a regional position up here in Great Falls 4 years ago. Non military.
    I travel extensively and I too have seen some very odd things in the night sky. The old heads in Roy still speak of the cattle mutilations and odd activity so matter of fact is just astounds me.
    Anyhow, thanks for sharing you past life experience and it certainly added to my thought process.

    • Robert Salas says:

      Thanks for you comment Doug. There are many Montana stories of cattle mutilations, and strange ‘creatures’ that I have also heard. It’s another part of the UFO mystery that has yet to be understood.

  • doug auld says:

    hello robert/ just wanted to wish you well with the website and related. i have listened to you many times and always find your information and experiences captivating. i will certainly visit the site from time to time!

  • Bo says:

    Hello Mr. Salas, how are you? My name is Bo and I’m a web developer from Tampa, Florida. For the past couple of months I’ve been completely engrossed in UFO research. I’m just absolutely fascinated by stories like yours. Lately, I’ve realized that I’ve got to do something more proactive and help where I can to get the information out there to the people that need it. I’ve also realized the best way to do this is to use my expertise as a programmer/developer which is why I’d like to offer you my services free of charge. You are one of my favorite witnesses because you are as cool as a cucumber when speaking about it(which can’t be easy). I know behind the scenes you are doing a lot of work with other experiencers who are afraid to come forward but look up to you as you did with the gentleman from the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure. I admire your courage in all this so helping you with a website is the least I can do.

    If you are interested, please let me know and we can talk specifics. Thank you again and I hope to work with you in the future.


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  • MojaveJoe says:

    FYI..your Meiwald 1 Conversation audio file is corrupted according to my Windows 7 PC. The second file however plays well on Windows Media Player. Compelling testimony in Conv 2. Would love to hear Conv 1.

    This happened about 2 days after your appearance on C2CAM on 10-19-14. Wouldn’t be the first time a website was put out of service by too many hits resulting from a C2CAM show.

    Makes one wonder if Conv 1 was corrupted by someone or some-being that didn’t want that evidence disseminated. :)

    Robert, Thanks loads for your efforts on disclosure.

    • Robert Salas says:

      Mojavejoe, thanks for your comment. I just checked Conversation 1 with Col. Meiwald. It played okay on my Apple machine. I am not sure why you had trouble, especially since the second conversation played okay for you.

  • Earl says:

    Hi Mr Salas,

    I read “Faded Giant” a few years ago, and also Bob Hasting’s “UFOs and Nukes”. I don’t think I’m conflating 2 incidents here, but I recall reading in Hasting’s book that one of the top-side security personnel present during your Malmstrom AFB incident was somehow temporarily injured as a result of the UAP’s close proximity to the launch facility’s entrance. In fact, as I recall from the book, the security office who spoke with you told mentioned to the effect, “I have to go, one of my men is injured”.

    This fact has always been interesting to me – what happened to the guard who was injured; what happened to the guard who spoke to you on the LF phone? Several years ago, I emailed this question to Mr. Hastings and he responded, stating that all he was able to ascertain was that the injured guard had been “blown back” by the UFO. There was no additional info.

    I wonder if you has ever been able to locate, or reach out to one or both of the involved security personnel? It seems to me that their testimony could substantially add to what is already known (what did the UAP look like? how close did it come to the security personnel? etc.). Can you elaborate on this?


    • Robert Salas says:

      Earl: I was told by one of the security guards that the man who had been injured had a cut on his hand. I had the impression, from speaking with the FSC that he tried to climb the perimeter fence at the LCF and cut his hand on the barbed wire. I also heard recently that this man may have fired a round at the object – to no effect. It is difficult to put a definitive statement on this because I had very little time to speak with the FSC prior to being flown back to the base under orders.

  • Robert Salas says:

    Merry Christmas everyone. I am going to improve this website and start putting more content in on a more regular basis. That is my New Year’s resolution. I wish everyone a good year.

  • Robert Salas says:

    Thank you Patricia for your comment. I need to work on this site and improve it when time permits. Cheers.

  • JA says:

    Just wanted to thank you for your work.

    Im a 1987 graduate of USAFA, and although I didn’t have any experiences while active duty, once I left the Air Force the experiences and sightings began to happen at an ever increasing pace. The link to several of my “captures” is above.

    I’m working to share this information in my written work in the most responsible way possible. If you have any thoughts or recommendations, please drop a line to my email or write it here.

    Thanks. JA

    (Trying this again. Can’t tell if the first post went through to be moderated. Needed to correct the link.)

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  • Robert Salas says:

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  • Robert Salas says:

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